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You May Feel Broken or Lost... But You Haven't Lost Your Value!

There is beauty in what once was broken

Blind Spot Will Help You To...

  • Never give up in the face of trials and tribulations of life
  • Overcome pain so overwhelming, there seems to be no end
  • Take charge of your destiny regardless of what your past is
  • Stay strong and focused whilst fulfilling your purpose

More About The 'Blind Spot'...

'Blind Spot' is an amazing anthology that captures 16 overwhelming stories of courage in extremely difficult circumstances. These individuals experienced distress, pain, sorrow and anxiety and have been through their fair share of unexpected devastating events; from losing a child, being conned out of millions, to dealing with sexual abuse.

No matter the circumstance, they fought through, refusing to be victims; deciding rather to become their own change agents by stepping out and using their stories as springboards to propel them into their future. These authors are the epitome of tenacity, hope, stamina and most of all, resilience!

They now share their powerful stories with the world whilst taking the necessary steps in life to take them to another level. Their stripped back and bare-all stories are for you to know that you are not alone on your journey, that you too can write the ending of your story.  The pen is in your hand!

'Eve's Story' by Valerie Campbell

My chapter shares an awe inspiring story of how an 11 year old girl fought her way back into the light after overcoming an adversity that no child should have to. It describes how sheer tenacity and insight, no matter your circumstance, can always lead to the light that lays at the end of the tunnel!

For when I was that little girl, I believed I was a princess until I was taught otherwise. I was told a lie and I believed it. I believed that I wasn’t beautiful, talented and fabulous and so hid myself under a bushel. I put myself in the dark. I couldn’t see the light. I was lost.

Everything that you’ve been through, doesn’t make your life uglier, it makes it more beautiful, although it may not seem that way when you are going through it...you are not lost or broken beyond repair. 

You can pick yourself up and learn from what’s happened and become a better person from the struggles you’ve been through.

Your struggles are what shapes you to be who you are today to enable you to get through anything life puts in front of you.  There is no such thing as a ‘perfect life’.

Don’t be ashamed of what’s happened to you, it’s all for a reason!

The more you deny or hide what’s happened to you then it doesn’t become useful to others.  Accept and find the value.  Turning something that was dark now over into the light!  Something beautiful and inspirational!

Every next level of your life will demand a new you. And sometime it takes being broken to become that new version of your-self.

So if you’re going through hard times I pray that the BLIND SPOT will help you or someone that you love break free of that adversity!


The experts featured in the book have already helped countless people around the world...
The Pen Is In Your Hand!


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